Betting on Surfing

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

Do you love waves and the sea? If yes, betting on surfing is the right answer for you. Where you place your surfing bets is just as important as which surfer do you bet on. Most of the surfing events like Wolds Surf League WSL can now be watched online and that's great news for surfing bettors. Let's introduce you to the major types of bets:

  • face to face challenges
  • picking the outright winner

And let's take a look at our useful tips to consider when betting on surfing:

  • bet on the underdogs. Big names are overestimated by the bookies so you can pick some good surfers at really good odds.
  • follow the surfing event on the TV or live stream and be prepared for the bookies mistakes. Traders do not understand this sport very well so unlikely errors are often seen.

We have created a list with some bookies where it is safe and convenient to place your bets:

February 14, 2018


I find this interesting but I think I’m going to stick to stuff I know and not take a risk hahaha