Fifa World Cup 2018 Predictions

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is here.

It's one! The World Cup has began and we are all stuck to our screens after 3:00 PM. How won't we?! The 32 teams are all in shape - few injuries and a lot of appetite for the cup! We will take a look at a couple predictions for the outcome of The 2018 FIFA World Cup. In the lines below you will see how a super computer thinks the 8 groups will shake out and we will have a look at the data gathered by the with the help of more than 200 000 people.

So decisions, decisions, decisions.

Firstly let's begin with David Sumpter, the author of “Soccermatics”, who has created a state of the art self teaching, powerful bot that observes and evaluate the game of every World Cup 2018 participant. The so called Soccerbot (can't think of a better name) reads odds and the overall performance of everyone who is going to Russia in June. The bot calculates weather and other key metrics. For it`s two-and-a-half seasons lifespan Soccerbot is up 1800% on bookies` closing odds. Impressive, isn't it? Stumers` bot puts Germany to be the most likely winner with odds at 9/2, followed by Brazil at 5/1 and France at 6/1 but all of this is old news. A twelve-year-old will have more or less the same predictions. An interesting pick of the Soccerbot is Belgium at 10/1. Actually for Sumpter this could be the likely winner of the World Cup equation. Or as he puts it:

"Belgium boasts one of the most young and talented squads in this competition, The Red Devils topped their qualification group in style, winning nine out of their 10 matches. Belgium's attack, spearheaded by Premier League playmakers Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, scored 43 goals in qualification. This could be the year the talented youngsters cash in.”

On the other hand Argentina is condemned to be an absolute money loss for betters. Even though it is the fifth-biggest contestant for the 2018 World Cup, Soccerbot has calculated that gambling on Argentina will lead to a fail. But what about Messi? Well Sumpter told SportsLine this:

"This could be Messi's last chance to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats. Argentina, who were runners-up in 2014, boast an incredible array of attacking talent, which most notably includes Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero. However, they will have to step up and produce some spectacular moments if Argentina wants to have a chance in Russia. With a side that relies so much on a single player, I can't see this team challenging for the 2018 World Cup title."

Here are the 32 teams` predictions, based on Soccerbot:

Germany 9/2; Brazil 5/1; France 6/1; Spain 7/1; Argentina 8/1; Belgium 10/1; England 16/1; Portugal 25/1; Uruguay 28/1; Colombia 33/1; Russia 33/1; Croatia 40/1; Poland 50/1; Mexico 80/1; Switzerland 80/1; Denmark 80/1; Sweden 100/1; Senegal 125/1; Serbia 150/1; Egypt 150/1; Iceland 150/1; Japan 200/1; Nigeria 200/1; Peru 200/1; Costa Rica 250/1; Morocco 300/1; Iran 300/1; Australia 300/1; South Korea 400/1; Tunisia 500/1; Panama 1000/1; Saudi Arabia 1000/1.

Now we know what are the computed predictions. So it's time to listen to the people, to the ones that haven`t calculated everything but have watched a lot of games. Sometimes numbers fail to make place for intuition. The Sportbible has asked more than 200 000 people to vote on Twitter for every upcoming 2018 World Cup match. So the groups look like this:

Uruguay, followed by Egypt are voted to be the winners of Group A, excluding the host of the games, which in our opinion won't happen so easily. It's Russia and we all remember what happened at the Winter Olympics this year.

Group B is set to be won by Spain with a small margin from the second, Portugal. Group C is for France and a coin-toss settlement between Denmark and Australia. Argentina beat Croatia by some distance to top Group D. Group E is won by Brazil, followed by the Swiss. Germany will destroy Group F leaving Sweden the survivor. And finally Belgium winning Group H, followed by the not so impressive performance of England.

The people have spoken that the quarter finals will go like this:

France will win over Portugal in Quarter-final 1, which in our opinion could easily be the other way around. In the Second Quarter-final Brazil is ought to beat Belgium which is just Brazil leaning on it`s old glory. In Quarter-final 3 Spain will strike out Argentina and in Quarter-final 4 no surprisingly Germany will kindly ask England to (br)exit out of Russia.

The Twitter masses predict that the Semi-finals will be France winning over Brazil and Germany over Spain leading to the dreamy Final between Germany and France. This is just like the 5th of Beethoven - classical to the bone.

So here are some predictions that may happen but as we have seen not once on a sport occasion such as this anything could happen. So place your bets and enjoy the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.