Russian Bookmakers

Posted on 01/07/2018 03:08

Russian bookmakers found a way to get in on the top bookmakers list. They either offer attractive first deposit bonuses or are involved in arbitrage. Arbers planning to use russian betting sites are being warned all the time they're likely to be banned, restricted or limited. Our experts are advising that any punter, doesn't matter if he or she is a high stake gambler, could be in a situation where his/her account is suspended and the winnings confiscated. Bonus hunters are most at risk, but don't assume you're too insignificant to be targeted if you've having some other system in mind. We suggest you to verify your account first and make at least one successful withdrawal. Besides that russian bookmakers can be very attractive - high limits, fast payouts, sometimes no verification process, really wide range of betting markets and events, high average payout, involved in many arbs, easy to use bonus offers. Stay sharp and use the russian bookmakers wisely, here is our complete list of russian betting sites, Good Luck!

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Top Bookmakers Available for Russian Players

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