Weirdest Bets

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity.

To seize everything you ever wanted


Would you place it or just let it slip?

Sure, Eminem had something bit different in mind, but doesn't his words ring perfectly when it comes to risking it? You will be lying if you say you haven't dreamed of winning it all in one bet, we all have. An accumulated bet with a 75437/1 odds or a single bet of $100 000 on one spin of the wheel, even a lottery win - we all want to win it just like that. Of course it usually doesn't happen like this but here we have gathered some of the biggest, weirdest and just plain outrageous bets ever made. So forget how things work for five minutes and enjoy these stranger bets.

Betting it all on red

We want to start with the story of Ashley Revell because he really lives up to the words of the Slim Shady, he placed one of the bravest single bets ever. So one day Mr. Revell decided he didn't want to live like he did anymore, so he sold everything he owned(car, house, belongings, everything) and with the £76,840 he had mustered he went down to a casino. Guess what, he placed it all on red, on one spin, and red it was! He walked out of the casino with £153,680 and a different idea for his future.

Biggest football accumulator win ever

The dream! Winning big with a small amount of money. In November 2014, in London was placed the biggest accumulator jackpot with £100 8-fold at odds of 6,542/1. Sadly the lucky winner stayed anonymous(figures) but his bet is world wide famous. So our champion gambled on Arsenal to beat Burnley (13/20), Stoke to draw with West Ham (18/1), Cardiff to beat Leeds (13/10), Blackburn to beat Reading (29/20), Wigan to draw with Fulham (7/5), Charlton to draw with Sheffield Wednesday (3/1), Bristol City to beat Oldham (5/4), and Leyton Orient to draw against Coventry (5/2). But the even stranger thing was that West Ham were already playing against Stoke and were losing 0:2 . This guy, eh?

On the horses men

When it comes to accumulator wins there is one that really stands out in pricewise. In March 2011 again in the UK, Steve Whiteley made a £2 bet on 725 000/1 odds! And he did for himself what everybody thinks when asked what do you want from life: he won £1 450 000! He picked six winners on the Exeter Tote Jackpot. The most peculiar things was that two of his prediction were with odds of 16/1 and he somehow pulled it off. His entire ACCA bet consisted of Semicolon (2/1), Black Phantom (12/1), Ammunition (16/1), Mr Bennett (16/1), Lundy Sky (5/1), and Lupita (12/1).

But horses didn't stop with Steve. How about the bet of Fred Craggs, who bet 50p (yep, half a pound) on 2 000 000/1 odds and won £1 000 000 million? He placed an 8-fold accumulator for horse races across the entire world. The thing here was that lucky Fred didn't know he was a millionaire until he went for a new bet with the same bookmaker, thank got the bookie was a straight up fellow.   

Baskets full of money

In 2016 an anonymous bet of $5 was placed on basketball in Las Vegas. The important thing here was that the odds were 61 000/1 and the games were from college and NBA combined. After the weekend our lucky punter dribbled away with the nice sum of $305 000. Not bad, eh?

The roller coaster of luck

In 1995, a poor and unfortunate Las Vegas resident went to cash in his social security check for $400. And so he did. And so one thing let to another and he ended up with $400 in chips on a blackjack table in Treasure Island Casino. He lived the Vegas delirium and in 5 hours spam he was with a million dollars. But Vegas will be Vegas and as we all know the bank will win in the log run. Our lucky fellow ran that far and lost everything on the same table, even his $400 from social security. Talking about turning your luck around(and around).

The biggest bet ever placed

It was mid 80s and every industry was booming. So Casino owner Benny Binion wanted to shake things up in his field as well, so he let his visitors` first bet be limitless, something unheard of until then. And that's how he attracts William Lee Bergstrom, or also known as The Suitcase Man. He entered Mr. Binion casino with a suitcase containing $777 000 (that's more than $2 million today) and placed them all on the craps table and bet on the Don't Pass Line. He won! He returned a couple of time more at the Horseshoe Casino and made more outrageous bets until lastly the placed $1 000 000 and unfortunately lost! His last wager was on Russian Roulette which ended up in losing more than everything. But still, what a man!

Honey, I bet off the House

In September 2001, a true Tottenham fan literally bet his house on a single match just to impress his girlfriend. Tottenham were winning 3 to 0 but sadly they were playing against Manchester United! This was the game when United scored FIVE goals in the second half leaving our Tottenham fan homeless and single. We so much want to know if he is still a fan of the team.

Novelty bet

You can bet on anything today: from who is going to be the next president of Cameroon to when are we going to find aliens. But in 1989 this was a bit strange in terms of common sense and also odds calculation. However an unknown Welshman walked in his local bookie and place a bet of £30 on events that will happen until the year 2000. Have a laugh at his forecasts:

  • Singer Cliff Richards being knighted: 4 to 1
  • The Irish pop band U2 remaining as a group: 3 to 1
  • The soap opera Eastenders still being aired on BBC: 5 to 1
  • Neighbours still being shown on British TV: 5 to 1
  • Home and Away still being an active TV show: 8 to 1

The unknown far-seer won £194 400 which is until today the biggest novelty bet ever won.

We hope you had fun reading these stranger bets. Sometimes life has a funny way of showing you that there is plenty in the world to live for.